Google Analytics & Adwords Help

Your website is an extension of your company in the online world and in this age of the internet and smartphones, it represents your reputation as well as being a revenue generator. This makes it imperative for you to closely monitor its performance to ensure that your website’s performance is moving in the right direction; increasing sales, utilizing effective marketing, and creating positive branding – all of which produce a positive ROI for your advertising spend.

Not all Google Interpretation services are the same

In a recent survey, 99 percent of the businesses polled believed that Google Analytics is of paramount importance to the effective running of business. However, the actual point of concern is that an overwhelming number of organisations don’t go beyond the basics of tracking the number of visitors to the site, bounce rates, time spent on site and percentage of returning visitors. While these are essential components of analytics metrics, they are not the be all and end all of your analytics data, especially if you are in the process of implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Expertise combined with the latest technological solutions enable analytics professionals to track, analyse and optimise your website’s performance accurately. A comprehensive picture of your past and present website performance offers relevant and meaningful insights into your strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities allow for thoughtful and actionable future courses of action.

I provide detailed and customised reports for your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), PPC, Email marketing campaigns and Display advertising allowing you to make strategic decisions based on quantifiable data.

Google Analytics account setup

I work closely with you at all stages to help you get properly set up with Google Analytics. I ensure that your new account is correctly configured to track the targeted KPIs.

Insights, Analysis & Reporting

I help you interpret the data you find in Google Analytics which ensures a clear path to a successful long-term strategy. that matches your business goals and objectives.

Google Analytics Audits

I carry out comprehensive Google Analytics audits is accurately tracking all aspects of measurable business metrics of importance.

Google Analytics Consultancy

Being a leading Google Analytics optimisation consultant, I offer customised reports for your business, allowing you to make strategic business decisions with confidence. I show you what is currently happening on your website and analyse trends over time via high-level implementation and continuous reporting, to help you get the most out of your data.

Google Adwords

I am a Google AdWords strategist and can help you generate rapid ROI on your campaigns.

From keyword research to landing page optimisation, I are with you at every step to boost your conversion rates, maximize your PPC budget and generate more revenue.