Content Audit Strategist

When it comes to getting your website ranked by Google it is crucial to ensure your website’s content is unique, high quality, informative, engaging and coherent. A content audit is a review and an assessment of your website’s existing content. The objective of this is to determine whether or not your website’s content is relevant to your business’ goals and target audience as well as enabling you to either identify potential gaps in your content or identify effective content which can be leveraged.

It is strongly recommended that you include a content audit into your marketing strategy and as a top content audit consultant, I am here to help! After undertaking a content inventory (an initial stock take of your content), I develop strategies to 1) increase the value of existing content and 2) identify gaps within your content that need to be filled. This aims to improve the overall quality of the content of your website.

As a top content audit consultant, I can help you with:

  1. Accurate Content Analysis – pinpoint gaps and problems and identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities so that you deliver customer-centric content. Today, search engines (such as Google) are increasing the emphasis on quality over quantity. Types of media such as images and videos enhance the quality of your website and are more desirable than just a sea of plain text.
  2. A Proactive Approach – nip any shortcomings in the bud and prevent “thin” content from diminishing the overall quality of your website. With many years of experience in the SEO field, I can help you identify gaps and problems early on so that you are in a solid position to proactively address and rectify the issue.
  3. Powerful Website Auditing – create and share relevant and captivating content for your audience. Our top audit tools enable us to examine your website to the most minute detail. The score you receive using our auditing tools show where your website currently stands in terms of its content and quality and thus enables you to plan and make goals for your website. In addition, we will develop a marketing action plan to help you achieve your business goals and marketing objectives.

In summary, I follow three simple steps to help you capture information about each asset, generating a rapid R.O.I (Return of Investment):

  1. Test. I use analysis tools to discover your website’s performance.
  2. Fix. I plan and take appropriate steps based upon the results delivered by the analysis tools.
  3. Measure. Repeat the tests conducted by the analysis tools to measure your website’s new and improved performance.