Do you need help making your website more successful?

I am a Website Strategist and SEO Professional based in Queensland. I help small to medium-sized businesses grow their Internet presence, improve their SEO and generate more sales and leads from their website.

SEO Help & Advisory Service

Want someone to tell you exactly what to do, and when, with full reporting?  Then this service is for you. How much help do you get? The exact amount you need. I’ll follow a structure and plan of course but there’ll be plenty of ad hoc advisory emails coming from me as things come to light.

SEO Training

Looking for SEO Training for you or your staff so that you can do your SEO?  I will design a training programme to suit your exact needs. We’ll set goals and track it all, and we’ll actually do SEO on your website as we go, so you’ll see the benefits straight away.  In person or over Skype.

Ad hoc SEO Projects

Got a specific SEO requirement, question or problem? Need an audit, report or analysis?   I’ll design and produce a solution to a specific aspect or issue, with advice on any further action that you may need to take.

Do you need help with SEO?

But don’t know what you need to do and don’t need the hefty price tag for someone else to do it?

I hear you!  Here’s what I do. I will help you to do your own SEO and to make your website more successful.  I’ll explain what you need to do and why.  And I’ll talk in a language you understand without all the jargon and BS.  I’ll track and monitor everything so that we (you and I) understand what is working and what is not.  Then we can make sensible decisions about your website going forwards. I’ll also help you grow your own knowledge so that you can improve the success of your website, even without my help.


Helping businesses in Australia and New Zealand with their Internet presence since 2001.

Here are some questions and answers that may help you.

Who Are You?

You are probably a small to medium sized business owner or are in marketing and wanting to expand your knowledge so that you can make your website more successful. And by that I mean generate more of what you want it to generate, whether that be sales, enquiries or leads.

Who Am I?

I’m an SEO Professional and Website Optimisation expert. I say this because I’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years and I’ve helped hundreds of websites rank, and have some very happy clients.  I know my stuff, I care and keep abreast of all the latest developments in my industry.

How Am I Different?

One thing I’ve consistently seen is that there are business owners out there who need SEO help but don’t have the budget for those big SEO contracts and packages that are so common.  I’m talking to you local plumber, home-based online shopping website owner, medium-sized business marketing assistant who is expected to be an SEO expert and others.

You’ll be the person sitting there looking at Google and saying to yourself “How can I get higher on Google with this SEO stuff?”,  “Why are my competitors at the top of Google and I’m not”, “I’ve read about SEO and get it, but what I am doing doesn’t seem to be helping” and “How can I compete against those big brands, I’m too small!”.

I will help you.

What Does It Cost?

This is very important question and I’m not going to call it “investment” because you can lose on investments and you won’t here. I’m a cost to your business, so you’ll want to see results. Let’s keep it simple. The cost will depend on what you need, how much you do and I do, what budget and resources you have to use.

We can do a smaller monthly budget and go slower or a higher budget and speed it up. This isn’t cheapo SEO, I find my prices are probably middle of the market. I work from my home office which keeps it down a bit.

I’ll design the services to suit you at a level you can afford.  I don’t do contracts, you can stop when you like but a sustained effort will be best, and there is always more we can do.  You’ll want to see results, so we’ll set realistic targets or objectives before we start.

What Do You Really Get From Me?

Look, if you’re after SEO packages and young hotshots drinking latte’s around board room tables, with laptops open in front of them or looking at those see though plastic boards with graphs and with trendy business names that don’t have an actual meaning, then that isn’t me.  (But I can help you find the best one of those, so ask me)

But if you’d like some personalised SEO help from a guy who can give it to you straight, explain things clearly, tell you why we do things (and how) while helping you grow your own knowledge, then I may be the guy for you.

Try me out! Talk to me for free for 30 mins >

What Specifically Will I Help You With?

Well, we’ll need to define that and it will depend on how you are sitting compared with competitors, and where the areas of strength and weakness for your online presence.  So, we’ll map out a plan of attack first off (a strategy!).

There are two approaches to using my services:

  1. You know what you want to achieve so I’ll plan and cost that
  2. You know your budget, so I’ll plan activities around that

The first step? TALK TO ME >

But Do I Know My Stuff?

If you want to talk about Return On Investment, cost per acquisition, marketing reach, visitor retention, link amplification, website authority, link sculpting, canonical redirects, algorithmic penalties, contextual links, keyword density optimisation, CRO, then I can do that for sure.

Or we can talk about what you need to do, with the time and resources you have available, in order to get more business out of your website.

But of course, no matter what we do, we’ll track and measure it all.

The best thing to do is to talk to my existing or previous clients.

What Guarantees Are There?

When it comes to guaranteeing rankings on Google and things like that, no one can.  Well, they say they can but they can’t really.  What I can do is guarantee that:

  • You’ll be satisfied with my services. If you’re not, then don’t pay. I wouldn’t.
  • I won’t use any dodgy SEO tactics. I want to sleep at night!
  • I’ll communicate actively, clearly and be very helpful- that’s my selling point really.

Ask some of my other clients what they think of me.